The Cedar Falls Community Theatre holds open auditions 4-5 times per year. The audition process is usually pretty loose and informal. Actors auditioning do not need to bring a prepared monologue. The actors will read from the script used in the show. At auditions, actors will fill out an audition form with basic information that includes education, acting background, show experience and any arts, acting, dance or musical training. Audition dates are set by the director and the theatre for each show about four months before performance is to begin. Actual auditions are usually held about eight weeks before opening night of that particular show. Check the blog on the home page on a regular basis for information about shows coming up, including information about auditions.


A Christmas Carol – the new musical

  • A Christmas Carol - the new musical. book & lyrics by John Popa, music by Steve Parsons. Director: Anita Ross. Vocal Music Director: Dr. Linda Sharp.
  • audition dates: Sunday, October 7 @ 6:30pm, Tuesday, October 9 @ 7pm.
  • synopsis: The lushly orchestrated Broadway-style soaring score by Steve Parsons and witty lyrics by John Popa breathe new life into the beloved tale. This brand new musical retelling of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic follows the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge as he is visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve. They take him on a tour of his past, present, and future in order to change the man he is to the man he must become on the journey towards his redemption. This new adaptation is even more epic, magical, and joyous than the story of Christmas redemption you thought you knew. The beautiful score sparkles with Christmas cheer!
  • PLEASE bring your calendars to note any conflicts you have between audition and performance dates. Readings will be done from excerpts from the script. Important to come with a song prepared and music for an accompanist to play. CFCT's pianist will be available. Wear comfortable clothing, you may be asked to learn some simple dance moves. Previous dance helpful, but not necessary. Most roles involve singing, but not necessarily solo singing.
  • CHARACTERS (some actors may play more than one role) Ebenezer Scrooge - Male, 50’s or older. Scrooge is a grumpy old man who’s buried a lot of memories by focusing only on his work and material success. Vocal Range: A2 – F#4 Bob Cratchit - Male, 30’s and up. Bob is a good-natured and hard-working man, doing his best to stay positive while supporting a large family and working for a difficult boss. Vocal Range: C3 – Gb4 Fred - Male, 20’s and up. Fred is the opposite of his uncle Scrooge - upbeat and optimistic he celebrates his life, even though he’s not well off financially. Vocal Range: C3 – G4 Young Ebenezer - Male, late teens-early 20’s. Unlike his older self, Young Ebenezer tempers his drive to succeed with a dash of wide-eyed romance. Vocal Range: C3 – G4 Belle - Female, late teens-early 20’s. Belle is the girl of Young Ebenezer’s dreams, who falls for him but is strong and independent enough to walk away when he chooses work over her. Vocal Range: B3 – E5 Elizabeth - Female, 20’s and up. Elizabeth is Fred’s better half, confident and strong, a modern woman who isn’t afraid to let her voice be heard. Vocal Range: B3 – E5 Tiny Tim - Male, between 8-12. Tiny Tim is Cratchit’s partially crippled son who still believes in everything around him, despite his physical condition. Vocal Range: D4 – D5 Ghost of Christmas Past - Female, late teens and up. The Ghost seems soft and airy, but her seemingly abstract questioning of Scrooge jogs memories intentionally pushes him to address memories he’d be happier to push aside. Vocal Range: B3 – F5 Ghost of Christmas Present - Male, adult. Loud and boisterous, The Ghost lives in the moment but mixes his good nature with a serious understanding of the weight of time. Vocal Range: Ab2 – Gb4 Jacob Marley - Male, older. The ghost of Jacob Marley shows the tragic end of a life lived like Scrooge’s. He deals in heavy emotions at all times - anger and anguish mostly. Vocal Range: C#3 – Eb4 Old Joe - Male, older. Old Joe is a street person with a wicked sense of humor who’s not afraid to engage in some dirty business. Vocal Range: A2 – E4 Molly - Female, adult. The female equivalent of Old Joe. Vocal Range: A3 – C5 Collecting Men 1-3. Male. The Collecting Men are somewhat lovable fops who finish one another’s sentences and have their sales pitch down to a science. Vocal Range: Man 1, Bb2 – F4; Man 2, Bb2 – Bb4 (falsetto;) Man 3, Bb2 – F4 Mr. Fezziwig - Male, 40’s and older. Mr. Fezziwig is a huge personality who is loved by all and who wants nothing more than to share his success with everyone around him. Vocal Range: C3 – E4 Mrs. Fezziwig - Female, 40’s and older. Much like Mr. Fezziwig, Mrs. Fezziwig is a big personality who turns everything she touches into a celebration. Vocal Range: C4 – D5 Mrs. Dilber - Female, 50’s and older. Scrooge’s miserable housekeeper who runs with a rougher crowd than Scrooge probably knows. Vocal Range: A3 – C5 Mrs. Cratchit – Female, 30’s and up. Bob Cratchit’s supportive wife and mother to their large brood. Vocal Range: A3 – D5 Martha Cratchit - Female, older teen and up. Bob Cratchit’s oldest child who has moved out but who makes it home for Christmas, knowing how important it is to the family. Vocal Range: C4 – E5 Belinda Cratchit - Female, pre-teen. Bob Cratchit’s younger daughter. Vocal Range: A3 – A4 Willie Cratchit - Male, pre-teen. Bob Cratchit’s younger son. Vocal Range: A3 – A4 Peter Cratchit - Male, early teens. Bob Cratchit’s oldest son, on the brink of adulthood but not quite there yet. Vocal Range: C3 – D4 Boy Scrooge - Male, pre-teen. Scrooge as a child is sullen and lonely, mostly content to bury himself in books rather than engage the world around him. Vocal Range: Non-singing role Fan - Female, pre-teen. Scrooge’s slightly older sister, her warmth is such that she can make even Boy Scrooge’s saddest day better. Vocal Range: Non-singing role Clara - Female, early twenties and older. A guest at Fred’s party and one object of Topper’s affections. Vocal Range: F4 – C5 Cora - Female, early twenties and older. Another guest at Fred’s party and another object of Topper’s affections. Vocal Range: F4 – C5 Bessie Fezziwig - Female, older teen. Mr. Fezziwig’s pretty daughter. Vocal Range: Sings only with the ensemble Topper - Male, twenties and older. Fred’s somewhat rowdy but entertaining friend. Vocal Range: Bb2 – D4 Turkey Boy - Male, pre-teen. A boy Scrooge meets on the street who is sent on an errand. Vocal Range: Non-singing role Dick Wilkins - Male, late teen or early twenties. Young Ebenezer’s best friend, an outgoing and confident young man. Vocal Range: C3 – F4 Rogues’ Song Soloist #1 - Female, any age. A homeless person, lost and alone in the streets at night. Vocal Range: A3 – C#5 Rogues’ Song Soloist #2 - Male, any age. A homeless person, lost and alone in the streets at night. Vocal Range: F#3 – E4 Ignorance - Boy, pre-teen. A creepy phantom of a child that torments Scrooge. Vocal Range: Non-singing role Want - Girl, pre-teen. Vocal Range: Non-singing role
  • November 30, December 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 2018