The Cedar Falls Community Theatre holds open auditions 4-5 times per year. The audition process is usually pretty loose and informal. Actors auditioning do not need to bring a prepared monologue. The actors will read from the script used in the show. At auditions, actors will fill out an audition form with basic information that includes education, acting background, show experience and any arts, acting, dance or musical training. Audition dates are set by the director and the theatre for each show about four months before performance is to begin. Actual auditions are usually held about eight weeks before opening night of that particular show. Check the blog on the home page on a regular basis for information about shows coming up, including information about auditions.


John Loves Mary – A Comedy by Norman Krasna

  • John Loves Mary - A comedy by Norman Krasna
  • AUDITION DATES: Mon, Dec 18, @ 7pm, & Tues, Dec 19, @ 7pm,Oster Regent Theatre, Cedar Falls, IA. - 3rd floor Deery Room
  • directed by Jay Edelnant
  • CFCT is offering this revival from 2003 as a Valentine treat full of smiles and romance. Directed by Joshua Logan, it ran for a year on Broadway and was a 1949 movie starring Ronald Reagan and Patricia Neal. John’s life was saved by Fred while in the service overseas. Fred returns to the States first, so John marries Fred’s English girlfriend to bring her to America for Fred. John hopes to get a quick divorce and marry Mary, who doesn’t know about this plan. Since Fred has married someone else, things look hopeless until a surprise twist turns it into a happy ending, proving life can be complicated and funny. Relax in the love and laughter of this delightful show. “Spending an evening with John and Mary is a very good idea.” – The Courier
  • Each person will need to:
  • VERY IMPORTANT BRING CALENDARS to NOTE CONFLICTS Jan 2 - Feb 25. Wear comfortable clothing. If you are unable to make these times, contact the theatre at 319-277-5283 •comedy monologues welcomed but not necessary, readings will be from sides from the script.
  • Characters: (in order of appearance) Mary McKinley, 22. Author says: “Eager, alert, sympathetically pretty”. She is the only daughter of a wealthy Senator and lives with her parents in the swanky St. Regis hotel in New York (see Eloise at the Plaza). She is both spoiled and very used to getting her own way while being sheltered from much of the war’s impact. She’s very vulnerable to the emotional changes her disrupted wedding plans bring. She’s Very much in love with John but also in love with being in love with the drama of loving a returning soldier. Oscar Dugan, elevator operator, 50 or older, Author says: “older, Irish, kindly.” He mostly handles opening exposition. Mary is a favorite and he indulges her (as does everyone else). He’s only in Act 1 and the first few pages of Act 2. Could double with General Biddle. Could also be a woman or a teenaged boy too young to be drafted. Character actor heaven, can go in several directions. Fred Taylor, John’s Best friend/side-kick. 24, Author says: “large, good natured.” He’s now a telephone company maintenance man, discharged a year before John. Clearly less educated than John but very close to him because of their war-time experience when he saved John’s life. Tends to be modest about his heroism but also cavalier about his decision to not wait for Lily. John Lawrence, Mary’s boyfriend/fiancé, returning soldier, 24, Author says: “handsome, vital, likeable.” Loves Mary but doesn’t quite understand her energy or thought process, maybe because he’s been overseas for 3 years or maybe because he’s not a rich Senator’s daughter living in the St. Regis. Harvard grad. Often bemused by her, not dumb, just baffled and still working on military time. Senator James McKinley, Mary’s father, 55, Author says: “broad in the shoulder and used to having his own way.” Mary gets a lot of her decision-making, power, and attitude from him. He’s kind of a bully and self-important, should be able to intimidate John and Fred and the General some, either by physical size or his energy and intensity. His wife knows better. Very much the old-time Dad protecting his daughter’s virtue from a randy soldier. Mrs. Phyllis McKinley, Mary’s mother, 50. Author says: “loves her husband dearly and considers herself dominated by him, which is not true.” Very much aware of her roles as Senator’s wife, mother, & society woman but isn’t limited by them. Smart enough to know the ropes and how to use them. She loves Mary and already loves John. She was a WW1 war bride herself. Practical problem solver but could have a healthy dash of ditz. Victor O’Leary, 25, Author says: “handsome in a smirking way and too self-assured.” Formerly John’s lieutenant in Europe, now a movie theatre usher in NYC. Despised by his men and John & Fred. A user of men and women. Betrays people—a weasel. Only in Act 2. George Beechwood, 50, the man from the Red Cross who brings Lily. Author says: “friendly, competent, and a little pedantic.” Standard plot device to deal with Lily’s entrance. Can be bland and bureaucratic or oversized and autocratic; another full-blown character type waiting to be created. Only in Act 2. Could be played by a woman. Lily Herbish [Mrs. John Lawrence], 25? Author says: “is a girl who used to walk on her hands in a night club that had a one-shilling cover charge. She doesn't think she has a Cockney accent any more, but she's wrong. She's blond, a little defiant, which passes for being proud, and when she relaxes, sympathetic.” Could be a little older than Fred maybe harder and dangerous--a very different vibe in this group. Need not be blonde, or Cockney, could be Asian, African, etc. Helpful if she can walk on her hands or something like it. Frightened and somewhat intimidating to Fred & John. Only chance in the play for a little darkness. Not in Act 1. Brigadier General Harwood Biddle, 50. Author says: “crispy and regular army.” Another character role. Can be small and mighty or big and blustery. Has the drop on Senator McKinley but also needs to keep him happy. Almost immediately lost in the tangle of the plot but keeps trying to help and solve problems. He doesn’t. Not in Act 1.
  • February 16, 17, 18 & - 23, 24, 25, 2018