The Cedar Falls Community Theatre holds open auditions 4-5 times per year. The audition process is usually pretty loose and informal. Actors auditioning do not need to bring a prepared monologue. The actors will read from the script used in the show. At auditions, actors will fill out an audition form with basic information that includes education, acting background, show experience and any arts, acting, dance or musical training. Audition dates are set by the director and the theatre for each show about four months before performance is to begin. Actual auditions are usually held about eight weeks before opening night of that particular show. Check the blog on the home page on a regular basis for information about shows coming up, including information about auditions.


The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

  • The Odd Couple by Neil Simon. Director: Michelle Rathe
  • audition dates: Sunday, December 2 @ 7pm, Monday, December 3 @ 7pm.
  • synopsis: Unstoppable laughter brightens mid-winter doldrums with the ever-popular comedy The Odd Couple by Neil Simon. As a Broadway show it ran for over 2 years, was made into a hit film in 1968, and then a TV series that ran five years. Simon himself described this story as: “Two men - one divorced and one estranged and neither quite sure why their marriages fell apart - move in together to save money for alimony and suddenly discover they’re having the same conflicts and fights they had in their marriages.” Felix and Oscar have become household words that quickly evoke smiles. Add in their poker buddies and hearty laughter abounds.
  • PLEASE bring your calendars to note any conflicts you have between audition and performance dates. Readings will be done from excerpts from the script. Wear comfortable clothing.
  • CHARACTERS (Male Version - 6 M, 2 F) Oscar Madison: (Male) (Lead) Sportswriter. Slovenly, recently divorced. Felix Ungar: (Male) (Lead)) News Writer. Fastidious, hypochondriac whose marriage is ending. Murray: (Male) (Supporting) Poker buddy. NYPD Policeman. Speed: (Male) (Supporting) Poker buddy. Gruff and sarcastic, he often picks on Vinnie and Murray. A playful bully. Vinnie: (Male) (Supporting) Poker buddy. Mild-mannered and henpecked, making him an easy target for Speed’s verbal barbs. Roy: (Male) (Supporting) Poker buddy. Oscar’s accountant. Dry wit but is less acerbic than speed. Cecily Pigeon: (Female) (Supporting) (Late 20s-40s) Oscar’s upstairs neighbor. Gwendolyn’s sister. Divorcee. English (British Accent). Gwendolyn Pigeon: (Female) (Supporting) (Late 20s-40s) Oscar’s upstairs neighbor. Cecily’s sister. Widow. English (British Accent).
  • February 15, 16, 17 & 22, 23, 24, 2019