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AUDITION DATES: Monday October 11th and Tuesday October 12th at 7:00PM
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Directed by Liane Nichols

Performance Dates: December 3, 4, 5 & 10, 11, and 12, 2021
Produced by Cedar Falls Community Theatre

Questions? Please Contact Liane Nichols at:
(319) 266-2376 or at the theatre (319) 277-5283


Callbacks Wednesday if needed.

At the Cedar Falls Community Theatre

The Story: Four guys in a vocal harmony group had a car accident on the way to a gig and all of them were killed. They got to come back to earth for one night to perform the show they never got to do and then they returned to the heavenly cosmos. That performance was in the show called Forever Plaid. 

In Plaid Tidings the same group finds themselves back on earth before an audience and this show centers around their discerning their mission before they return to their celestial haunts.

Roles: The age range depends somewhat on who auditions, but ideally they are no more than fifteen years apart from youngest to oldest with somewhere in the 50’s being the upper limit. 

Francis (2nd tenor-lyric baritone): Confident. a leader. He takes care of his fellow Plaids and makes sure they know what to do and where to be. He is always compassionate and humble, very  passionate about music. His asthma acts up when numbers are too fast or choreography is too energetic.

Sparky (baritone): The “cut up” of the group, he is always on the look out for a way to crack a joke. Sharp and full of energy, he loves to perform. He reveals that beneath his showmanship there is a tender heart. In his excitement about performing he sometimes repeats himself. He’s the comic engine of the group.

Jinx (tenor): The shy one, he is Sparky’s stepbrother with a little sibling rivalry going on. He gets nosebleeds when he sings above an A. The others are protective of him. During the show he goes from being a timid boy to a more confident man. Through it all he is an endearing character.

Smudge (bass): The worrier with a chronically nervous stomach. He’s left-handed, slightly dyslexic, and sometimes confuses his left foot with his right. He assumes the audience won’t like him, but bowls them over with his stage presence and musical prowess. He morphs from being reluctant to perform to loving it.

Vocally they need to be able to read music and sing tight harmony. The choreography, while not technically demanding, requires the guys to be able to move well while singing. Simple steps and lots of hand and arm gestures characterized the style of the 1960’s period.

Auditioning will include singing your prepared song. We want to hear your best work. You may be taught a simple dance routine to follow. Scripts with a list of audition scenes are available at the box office for check-out with a $25 refundable deposit.