May 16th & 17th

Oster Regent Theatre, 3rd Floor

CFCT announces Open Auditions for Seussical the Musical by the Tony Award winning team of Flaherty and Ahrens.  Stories of Horton Hears a Who and Horton Hatches the Egg as told by the Cat in the Hat feature many favorite stories, characters, and references from one of the greatest thinkers of all, Dr. Seuss!  Anything’s Possible in the world of Seuss.

Director: Kyle Weber (Bring it On the musical) Vocal Music Director: Rosemary Gast (Bring it On the musical, School of Rock, 13 the musical)

Performances are August 4 – 7, 2022.


The Fantasticks

June 10th – June 19th

Directed by Liane Nichols
Guest Artist Gary Kroeger 

The Fantasticks tells the story of a young boy and girl who fall madly in love at the hands of their meddling fathers, but soon grow restless and stray from one another.

Will their separation … 

Shades of Green: The Screaming Orphans

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

Screaming Orphans, a genre-breaking, chart-topping all sister band from Ireland, are known worldwide for their award-winning sound, combining their original pop songs with a unique take on traditional Irish music. From an early age, the Diver sisters performed with their mother Kathleen Fitzgerald (a well-known céilí singer in Ireland) and when they hit their teenage years, they formed their own Celtic pop band, Screaming Orphans, which led to a signing by Warner
Music UK.

The band are renowned for their trademark spine-tingling four part harmony which has led to many collaborations on recordings with artists such as Sinéad O’Connor, Martin Furey, Baaba Maal, Afro Celt Sound System, Peter Gabriel and Joni Mitchell. The band continues to tour and play extensively across America, Canada and Europe. 

Screaming Orphans are a band that defies an easy musical style pigeonhole and their high-energy masterful fusion of pop and folk takes you on an exhilarating musical journey.
As of this year, the band has released 15 albums of both original pop and folk/Irish music, and have topped Billboard, iTunes and World Music charts.

The Hallelujah Girls

February 18th-20th & 25th-27th, 2022

J’Kalein Madison – director

After the sudden death of a dear friend, a feisty group of women from the town of Eden Falls, Georgia, decide that life is indeed short, and they vow to change their lives and achieve their dreams. Sugar Lee Thompkins decides to reach for her elusive star by converting an abandoned church into a day spa. The SPA-DEE-DAH is born, and the fun begins thanks to Sugar Lee’s dear friends Carlene, Nita, Mavis and Crystal. The comic tension mounts when Sugar Lee’s old high school boyfriend (Bobby Dwayne) shows up, and Sugar Lee’s life-long rival (Bunny) vows she’ll stop at nothing to steal the spa building, (which may house a surprising secret), away from Sugar Lee. “The Hallelujah Girls” is one of those silly, rollicking shows that our audiences love. It reminds us of the importance of good friends, and of not taking life so seriously that we forget to laugh and love.


Lori Line on Piano: Christmas Concert December 22nd, 2021, 7:00PM

December 3rd-5th & 10th-12th, 2021

Liane Nichols – director

Plaid Tidings is a brand-new show that offers the best of Forever Plaid tied-up in a nifty package with a big Christmas bow on top! Filled with Christmas standards that have all been “Plaid-erized,” our boys are back to do their Christmas Special. At first they aren’t sure why they’ve returned, but a phone call from the heavenly Rosemary Clooney lets them know that they’re needed to put a little harmony into a discordant world.


October 8th-10th & 15th-17th, 2021

Alan Malone & John Nicol – directors

The story is a tale of Ichabod Crane, who accepts the position of school teacher in the haunted town of Sleepy Hollow.  Ichabod soon takes an interest in Katrina Van Tassel.  He intends to marry her, gain access to her fortune, and use it for his personal gain.  Ichabod hears stories about the Headless Horseman, a soldier said to have lost his head in a nearby battle.  Ichabod attends a party where he dances with Katrina.  Walking home after, Ichabod is pursued by the Headless Horseman. 

Is Ichabod ever seen again?

August 5th – 8th, 2021
Bob Fillipone & Kyle Weber – directors

Bitingly relevant, sprinkled with sass, and inspired by the hit film, Bring It On The Musical takes audiences on a high-flying journey that is filled with the complexities of friendship, jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness. Uniting some of the freshest and funniest creative minds on Broadway, Bring It On features an original story by Tony Award winner, Jeff Whitty (Avenue Q), music and lyrics by Tony Award-winning composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the HeightsHamilton), music by Pulitzer- and Tony Award-winning composer, Tom Kitt (Next to Normal), lyrics by Broadway lyricist, Amanda Green (High Fidelity), and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical.

Tickets at 319-277-5283, M-F 1-4pm and 1 hour before each show.


June 11th – 20th, 2021

Pat McEleney and Meghan McEleney – directors

On a small Greek island, Sophie dreams of a perfect wedding — one which includes her father giving her away. The problem? Sophie doesn’t know who he is! Her mother Donna, the former lead singer of the 1970s pop group Donna and the Dynamos, refuses to talk about the past, so Sophie decides to take matters into her own hands. Sneaking a peek in her mother’s old diaries, she discovers three possible fathers: Sam, Bill, and Harry. She secretly invites all three to the wedding, convinced that she’ll know her father when she sees him. But when all three turn up, it may not be as clear as she thought! Told through the legendary music of ABBA, Mamma Mia! has become a worldwide sensation that has audiences everywhere dancing.

UNI Orchesis Fall Show

November 13th-14th, 2020

UNI Orchesis Dance Company Fall Show: Due to the Covid19 pandemic, this event is friends and family only. Tickets will not be made available for the general public.

Orchesis Dance Company’s annual Fall Show on Friday, November 13th at 7 pm and Saturday, November 14th at 2 pm at the Oster Regent Theater on Main Street in Cedar Falls!

Driving Miss Daisy

Staged Reading

October 10th – 11th, 2020

John C. Luzaich – director

Pulitzer Prize-winning, Driving Miss Daisy, is set in Atlanta and spans twenty-five years, from 1948 to 1973. When Daisy Wertham, a stubborn, elderly Southern widow, crashes her new car into the neighbor’s garage, her son, Boolie, forces her to take on a chauffeur. He employs Hoke Coleburn, much to her chagrin. At first, Daisy refuses to rely on a black man to get her from one place to the next and Hoke spends two weeks sitting in the kitchen doing nothing. Gradually, however, Daisy’s prejudices are broken down and, against all odds, he becomes her best friend. Daisy teaches Hoke to read and write, while Hoke encourages Daisy to let go of her insecurities. Alfred Uhro’s delicate drama explores the experience of aging while the world around you moves forwards at great pace.

God of Carnage

Staged Reading

September 12th -13th, 2020

Michelle Rathe – director

Winner of the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play, God of Carnage relates an evening in the lives of two couples, residents of a tony Brooklyn neighborhood, who meet to discuss a playground incident. Alan and Annette’s son hit Michael and Veronica’s son in the face with a stick, resulting in two broken teeth. The four of them agree to discuss the incident civilly, but, as the night wears on and drinks are imbibed, the polite veneer breaks down. The couples initially spar against each other, but the men gang up on the women and the spouses switch sides as the fighting continues. Reza’s play suggests that our civilized trappings do a poor job of hiding our venality and bile.

UNI Orchesis Spring Gala

August 28th-29th, 2020

UNI Orchesis Dance Company Spring Gala: Due to the Covid19 pandemic, this event is friends and family only. Tickets will not be made available for the general public.

Orchesis Dance Company’s annual Spring Gala on Friday, August 28th at 7 pm and Saturday, August 29th at 2 pm at the Oster Regent Theater on Main Street in Cedar Falls!