Volunteer Information

First of all, all of our volunteers get to see our shows for free! Our theatre relies on volunteers. They are very important to us and we look to get people involved in many ways. We have different volunteer coordinators that are responsible to contact people to ask for help. If you are interested in helping us, look at the info and see where you can become involved. We’re also updating our records so, if you already volunteer, please fill out the form. Thanks a lot!

Volunteer Opportunities – Backstage Work on Shows

Help develop and create props. Work backstage to help set and move props or set pieces. Please Contact John C. Luzaich cfct@cfu.net
Help coordinate and organize our costume areas. Help sew costumes or help behind the stage during shows with costume changes. Develop and design hair and makeup for shows. We’ll show you what to do. Please contact Liane Nichols lianebud@cfu.net
Help design, build sets, paint, or strike set. Design and place lights for shows. Please contact John C. Luzaich cfct@cfu.net
Work the lights or sound for the shows. This would involve approximately two weeks before shows as well as the shows themselves. Please contact John C. Luzaich cfct@cfu.net

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Ticket reservations – helping at the theatre giving out info over the phone. Concessions - popping and selling popcorn, water, and pop Please contact Julie King julieking@cfu.net
Help patrons find their reserved seats, open and close curtains, and then see the show yourself. Please contact Michelle Luzaich mluzaich@cfu.net
Help to set up the appetizers and drinks before the end of show, serve and welcome Applaud members, cast, and crew, and help clean up at the end. Usually involves being their from 8:30 to 11 on Opening Night of shows. Please contact Michelle Rathe at mmrathe@yahoo.com
Immediate Openings for Volunteers:

Costumes – Please Contact Liane Nichols at lianebud@cfu.net

Ticket reservations or Concession – Please contact Julie King at julieking@cfu.net

Ushering – Please contact Michelle Luzaich at mluzaich@cfu.net

Opening Night Receptions – Please contact Michelle Rathe at mmrathe@yahoo.com

Building/Designing lights, sets, sound or running lights or sound for shows – Please contact John C. Luzaich at cfct@cfu.net